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Bem vindo/Bem vinda a Accent Brazil Languages!

At Accent Brazil Languages, we strive to provide the best way to teach Portuguese no matter what level of experience you are at.

With over 22 years of experience teaching both Portuguese and English, we understand that everyone learns in a different way


Disrupting the way we teach languages. We want you to break the rules of learning.

At Accent Brazil, we use an innovative methodology called the Open Language Learning System where you can learn conversational Portuguese up to three times faster than traditional methods! We take pride in offering the best way to learn how to speak the language like a native speaker.

With the Accent Brazil Languages Open Learning System, you can expand your vocabulary and range of expressions quickly and easily!


Tailoring our courses to fit your needs

The courses that we offer at Accent Brazil Languages are tailored for those interested in learning Portuguese, no matter how much experience you have with Portuguese. For example, our Brazilian Portuguese Crash Course is meant for any skill level in Portuguese. After hearing this, we hope you do not have to worry about the difficulty of our courses.



"I was surprised at how much I learned in such a short period of time! My teacher, Meyre is enthusiastic and kind. She structures classes according to individual need while encouraging a fun and productive environment. She speaks Portuguese throughout each session allowing her students to catch on fast. I look forward to continuing this valuable learning experience with her. Excelente!"

— Sandra Brewster

"Her classes offer a perfect mix of explanations on grammar and vocabulary, listening comprehension activities, and speaking practice. Best of all, these are all so smoothly integrated (as per the Open Learning Language Methodology) that you hardly realize just how much material you’re absorbing in every class! Being a language teacher myself, I greatly appreciate and admire Meyre’s ability to tailor her lessons perfectly to her students’ levels and interests all the while making the learning process fun and stimulating thanks to her good humour and genuine dedication to her students."

— Lara Bourdin


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